SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and is important to help get your site indexed and visible on search results pages.

There is no "silver bullet" or standard technique to improve your sites rankings on search engine results pages. There are however some basic principals and techniques you can follow to help get the best from your Cindr website.

The quality of your content is by far one of the most important factors. You should write content for humans, not to try to fool search engines into boosting your rank (doing that could actually do more harm). You should give each page a title and description that match what the page content is talking about. There's a good reason "Content is King" has become the mantra of many an SEO expert.

Another very important factor is having your site linked to by relevant and well known websites. These are called "inbound links" and help identify your site as important and relevant. Don't go plastering your URL all over the internet in places that don't relate to what your site is about and never listen to anyone that promises to provide "X" amount of inbound links.

With billions of websites it's very difficult to get your website listed in the first page of search engine results pages. Unfortunately you're competing with huge departments of specialised staff with large budgets.

Cindr is designed to be as SEO friendly as possible. We check how Cindr websites perform according to Google and we reach nearly 100% on all their benchmarks including accessibility, code structure, mobile friendliness and performance.

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