Cindr has three basic concepts to understand. Save, Publish and Live/Draft.

Save is used as “work in progress”. After you’ve made changes to a page you’re happy with, click save at the top left.

This will create a saved version of what you’re working on that can be opened from any other device/browser that you use. This is ideal if, for example, you’re working on a page whilst at your office and you want to continue to work on the page later when at home.

Once you are happy with your page and you’re ready to unleash it upon the world, you need to publish it. Published sites will only be visible on the internet if the page is published and both the page and site are set to “Live” within the “Site Manager” and “Page Manager”.

Live/Draft changes if the site or page is visible on the internet. If you want your site or page to be visible on the internet then you need to have this setting to “Live” within the “Site Manager” and “Page Manager”. Your page save and publish states still work, although published pages won’t be visible until the page AND site are both “Live”.

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