Hi and welcome to this getting started guide. This wont take more than 5 minutes to read and if you follow the steps you should be able to setup the homepage of your website in under 30 minutes.

If you've already signup jump to Step 2. Lets get started... 

Step 1 - Signup and select a starting design

Choose a starting point at cindr.com/signup. These designs are not fixed and can literally be customised completely. Alternatively you can delete the design and start from scratch. In this guide we'll show you how to start from scratch. To start from scratch choose the 'Blank Canvas' options. If you have already signed up and have a design you wish to delete you can do this by opening the sidebar menu and selecting:

Add Blocs to Page > Delete All Blocs

Step 2 - Adding Blocs

Once we have a blank canvas we'll want to add some Blocs to the page. Before you do that however have a think about what your user will want to see on your homepage, and also what you want them to do.

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