A Bloc is the starting point to any Cindr site. Blocs from different categories combine to create the style and layout of your site. Multiple Blocs are stacked on top of each other and arranged to create a beautiful looking website that's easy to create and maintain. Say goodbye to dull old fashioned templates, say hello to a fresh approach.

You'll find everything you need to create a beautiful looking website in our Bloc library.

Our more advanced Blocs we call "App Blocs". Here you can find Blocs adding video, sound, maps, newsletter signups and a host of other 3rd party integrations. To make the most of some of these Blocs you might be required to have an account with the service you want to use (eg if you want to use the Newsletter Signup Bloc you will need a Mailchimp account. However, some Blocs such as YouTube Video simply require the URL).

Feel free to use any Bloc in any combination. When looking through our Bloc library pay more attention to the layout than the style as nearly all Blocs can be customised to make your own.

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