Once you've added a Bloc or two you'll want to start adding your own style and content.

We want to make the experience of working on your site as close to how the site will look when live on the internet. To achieve this we remove all unnecessary clutter from the screen and focus on the Bloc you're currently working on.

To edit a Bloc, find the Bloc you want to edit and simply click to make the Bloc editable. You'll notice a small bar at the top with some controls for editing the style of the Bloc.

We've even made it possible to edit your site from a mobile device. To achieve this we have tweaked the bar for small screens.

In edit mode text has a border around it highlighting an editable area. To change the text/content click on the text you want to change and simply start typing.

Selecting a section of text (highlighting) will also bring up some further options such as bold, italic, add link etc.

If you've finished editing a Bloc you can hide the bar by clicking the tick to the far right.

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