Typeform allows you to create visually appealing forms and capture user data in a more interesting, user friendly, way. Using Cindr you can add Typeform forms on your own site, allowing your visitors to fill in forms and for you to capture user data directly from your website.

To add a Typeform Bloc go to the site editor and from the side menu select 'Add Blocks' > 'Apps', scroll down until you see the Typeform logo and click any of the available Blocs.

To change the form first open another tab in your browser and go to Typeform. Find the form that you want to add to Cindr and from the form page copy the whole URL from the address bar.

Then go back to your Cindr site, click the Bloc to active the 'edit mode' and hover your mouse over the form. Click to go into the Bloc settings and paste the URL in the place of the current one. Hit enter, or click the "X" to the top right and the form should be updated.

Remember to save/publish your site to reflect any changes you make.

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