PayPal is an online payments system offering direct payments to be made electronically from card or by transfer. You can now add a PayPal Bloc, link your account and start selling direct from Cindr. We should point out Cindr isn't intended to be used as an e-commerce platform.

To add a PayPal Bloc go to the site editor and from the side menu select 'Add Blocks' > 'Apps', scroll down until you see the PayPal logo and click any of the available Blocs

You need to link your PayPal address to Cindr so when someone clicks the "buy" button the money is sent to the correct PayPal account. To do this simply click the PayPal Bloc to active its 'edit mode' and select 'PayPal Settings' from the further options drop-down (see below);

All you need to do is enter the email address of your PayPal account so payments know where to be sent. You need to publish your site to make these changes take affect.

Changing the product, its name, the description and price, is done the same as how you would edit any other Bloc. Just click on the areas you want to change and type the new values. Cindr only allows you to sell in United States Dollar and you can't add extra shipping or options. We have added PayPal for light touch commerce for people selling smaller, individual items with no options etc.

Remember to save/publish your site to reflect any changes you make.

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