We hope you'll love how quick and easy it is to edit text in a Bloc. We try to make working on your site as enjoyable an experience as possible. We also want changes you make to be seen in real time, instantly showing you how your site looks to your visitors. No complicated "content management systems" or disjointed switching between applications.

To change the text within a Bloc click the Bloc you want to edit. This will show the editing bar with options for changing to overall appearance of the text within the Bloc. To change the overall look of the fonts within the Bloc, look for these icons within the editing bar...

These icons (from left to right) change the font type, the alignment (left, centre, right, justified) and the font color. Click any of these icons to change the available options.

If you mouse over the Bloc you'll also notice a thin outline around some, if not all, of the text. This is to highlight areas you can edit. Just click on the bit of text you want to change (notice the outline goes orange to indicate you're working inside this area) and start typing.

Below is a screen shot of some text being edited:

The area highlighted can be changed by clicking any of the icons as seen below:

These icons (from left to right) make the text bold, italic, add a list, add a link or edit the HTML.

Note for mobile users:

Whilst the way you edit your site is slightly different on a device with a small screen, we use the same icons and language across all devices. Below is a quick screen shot taken from an iPhone 6.

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