Some Blocs have large background images, which we explain in more detail here. In this article we talk about images inside a Bloc, forming part of its content.

Below shows one of our Blocs that has an image as part of the content. The image is our Cindr logo "C" (not the background image of the backpacker).

The image is being hovered over to show you the image icon, as below:

Clicking this will open your default file browser where you can upload your own image, stored on the current device.

If the image also has some small orange squares to each corner, you can grab one and re-size the image.

Note for mobile users:

Uploading images taken from your phone can sometimes lead to orientation issues where the uploaded image is on its side, or rotated different to how you would expect. Unfortunately this is to do with how a device stores information about the image. We realise this isn't the best experience and will keep track of ways to improve how this works in the future. If you're experiencing these issues try editing the image and rotating then uploading.

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