Some Blocs allow you to change their background. To do this click the Bloc you want to edit and look for these controls on the bar.

The above icons, from left to right: background overlay color, strength of the colour, background image, remove background image.

Background overlay color:

Adds a color to the background of the Bloc. Click this and either use either the color picker or enter the HEX value.

Strength of the color:

This effect works best when you also have a background image. When the slider is adjusted to the far left the color is solid (no transparency effect), when to the far right is transparent (invisible).

Take a look at the two images below to see what adding an image with a color overlay looks like (note the only difference is the strength of the color):

Background image:

A background image makes the Bloc really stand out and can create some dramatic and beautiful looking Blocs. A background image with a little color overlay (using the strength of color slider) can really create beautiful looking results. If you're looking for some beautiful, free, images we recommend taking a look at

Delete image:

Hitting this will remove the background image and leave any color you have added.

Note for mobile users:

Whilst the way you edit your site is slightly different on a device with a small screen, we use the same icons and language across all devices. Below is a quick screen shot taken from an iPhone 6.

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