Help & Support

Introducing Cindr!

What is Cindr? What can I use it for?

4 articles

Getting started

The basics...

2 articles

Bloc Basics

What is a Bloc? Different types of Blocs explained along with how to edit Blocs

10 articles

App Blocs

How to use our more advanced Blocs.

13 articles

Adding your content

How to change the text, background images, color, styles and look of each Bloc

3 articles

Other features

Mastered the basics? What else can you do with your Cindr site?

14 articles

Managing Pages

Everything you need to know about using pages within Cindr.

8 articles

Managing Multiple Sites

Owning and managing more than one Cindr website.

4 articles


Custom domains, adding your own.

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Cindr for business

Special help and advice for businesses using or considering Cindr.

3 articles

Cindr Premium

Help with Premium features.

5 articles

Search Engine Results

"Why isn't my site top of Google?"

3 articles

Maintaining your site

You've made a Cindr site. Here's everything you need to know about looking after it.

7 articles

Billing & Payments

Want to find out more about billing?

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Need more help?

11 articles

Cindr for charities

Need a website for your charity?

1 article