Help & Support

Introducing Cindr!

What is Cindr? What can I use it for?

4 articles

Getting started

The basics...

2 articles

Bloc Basics

What is a Bloc? Different types of Blocs explained along with how to edit Blocs

10 articles

App Blocs

How to use our more advanced Blocs.

2 articles

Adding your content

How to change the text, background images, color, styles and look of each Bloc

3 articles

Other features

Mastered the basics? What else can you do with your Cindr site?

14 articles

Managing Pages

Everything you need to know about using pages within Cindr.

8 articles

Managing Multiple Sites

Owning and managing more than one Cindr website.

4 articles


Custom domains, adding your own.

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Cindr for business

Special help and advice for businesses using or considering Cindr.

3 articles

Cindr Premium

Help with Premium features.

5 articles

Search Engine Results

"Why isn't my site top of Google?"

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Maintaining your site

You've made a Cindr site. Here's everything you need to know about looking after it.

7 articles

Billing & Payments

Want to find out more about billing?

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Need more help?

11 articles

Cindr for charities

Need a website for your charity?

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